Our Story


Musikademy was started in April 2010 by siblings Pie Basiao and Bong Aviola, who both got their music education from the University of the Philippines. Offering short-term lessons in voice, piano, guitar and violin, Musikademy positions itself as Davao’s premier music studio by keeping teaching standards high and striving to offer the best music instruction possible.

We gauge our success not by the number of enrollees we have, or how much money we make — though we would be dishonest in saying those things hardly matter. They do, so that we can survive and grow! More importantly, we measure ourselves by how effective our students are as performers, and how much they have applied the skill and musicianship they are taught into their performances. This is why members of the teaching staff have been chosen with a bias towards musicians with extensive performing and/or teaching experience. Conversely, many of Davao City’s renowned Himig Singers serve as vocal coaches, as do other locally known musicians in the city’s performing arts scene.

Musikademy’s emphasis on the practical application of musical talent and skill has also led to high standards for the staging of its recital series, known as Musikat, which will soon be seeing its nineteenth edition. Musikademy has also produced a highly successful concert showcase series for its students, entitled Something Wonderful, Something Musical or SWSM. The series aspires to performance and production values worthy of world-class sensibilities. The third edition of SWSM recently played out at SM Lanang Premiere’s Cinema 6, to capacity audiences. See our blog page for the latest news on SWSM.