M6 Program

Musikademy’s M6 scholarship program is an intensive training course for talented high school singers with intermediate to advanced vocal skills. Participants are admitted by invitation only, based on merit and proven potential, from among students enrolled in the regular voice programs.

The program derives its name from the 6 focus areas of training:

  1. Classical vocal technique
  2. Ensemble singing
  3. Song analysis and interpretation
  4. Basic theory and listening skills
  5. Performance practice and ethics
  6. Basic stagecraft and theatre skills

The program has two-tiered membership: the provisional scholars, whose probationary status  may or may not be resolved to full membership depending on certain criteria; and the M6 Teens, Musikademy’s resident vocal ensemble consisting of full scholars in the M6 program.

M6 Teens 2017-18M6 TEENS (Current, Provisional, and Alumni). Top L-R: Christy Lagapa (A), Lexi Cosare*, Maya Belisario (A), Julianna Maniquis*. Middle L-R: Andrea Lopez (P), Caitlyn Co (P), Quisha Modequillo*, Alliana Ignacio (A). Bottom L-R: Julia Sy (A), Patricia Pantojan (P), KC Bengil (P).

The current M6 Teens (2018-19) are:

Anya Mercader, Quisha ModequilloJulianna ManiquisLexi Cosare, & Andrea Lopez. Recently graduated scholars Julia SyMaya Belisario, Alliana Ignacio, & Christy Lagapa have unofficially joined the ranks of M6 Teens alumni, but continue to sing with the group.

KC Bengil, Riana Gumanit, & JClark Detoya are the newest members and have provisional status.

To view the official roster of scholars, click here.

A list of Musikademy alumni who have gone through the M6 program can be found here.